Friday, March 4, 2011


K so here's the deal... Remember last Saturday when Bayley so honestly confessed that she sucked at Circles?? Well, for the last 2 weeks or so, I do too so we can suck together Bayley. I really suck. I haven't even checked my emails so if Darin's emailing us- oops! I currently have like 384 unread emails, sweet. And I haven't read a single blog this week, I halfway read a few last week and I didn't even write one last week. So I'm like "shoot, I have to write one tonight, read a million tonight, do the Orbiter tonight, etc etc..." You get the idea. Meanwhile my house is a DISASTERRR!!! And I really can't even be in it until it at least appears clean, even if that means putting the silver wear in my pajama drawer. And here's the other thing... I've had quite the week, I really have. Great things/crappy things, good mood/bad mood, sleep/no sleep, love/no love, up/down, all around. Umm not to mention today I brought a 2 year and an 11 month old to the hospital for stitches by myself (so fun) and that was a 4 hour dilemma (only 4), then I listened to them scream for 13 hours straight (music to my ears), and no one napped (perfect, I hate nap time anyway). Guess who eventually had the biggest meltdown of us all though? ME! Today made me want to walk out on my job, run away, and never be a mom. So all of you who wanna be parents... this is your future, look forward to it. Sooo that being said… thinking about writing a blog seems to be like something I really can't set my mind on doing, so instead I wrote a blog about how I can't write a blog... Ugh this is what happens when you're around screaming children too much. I DON'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!! Anyways, I have the house to myself tonight- praise God!! So instead of halfway reading your blogs, I really need to finish this week off as a sucky Circles week (that I totally take ownership of) and "clean" my house and watch a movie. So that's what I'm going to do buuuuut... I PROMISE that from now on I will not fail miserably at my correspondence via computer. (p.s. side note: I really hate technology). Kinda wouldn't mind lighting candles and writing letters, I like it old school, Amish style. :) Anyways, I can only go up from here right? Hope you all understand, gunna go curl up all alone (yay!) and put on some Modern Family episodes and eat some frozen grapes, doesn't change my love for ya'll tho! :)